Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas in Thailand

Christmas in Thailand is not observed the same as it is in the west, obviously because of the fact that Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist country. It's not a public holiday in Thailand and people generally go about their day as normal (which I found so weird on my first year living here!). However, Christmas IS still celebrated in Thailand. My partner always makes jokes about that fact that Buddhists are tolerant to all religions so there's always a reason to party! it's so true! And Christmas is exactly the same.

Most places in Thailand will have a Christmas/New Years Party! They usually do a Secret Santa style gift giving too. And whilst most homes aren't decorated, shopping malls and schools usually are as you can see in the video I've made below.

If you're teaching in Thailand, most schools will have a Christmas show where students will put on a little play and perform dances (jingle bells etc..) you may well be asked to dress for the occasion too!

Here I am at our Christmas show day at school!

 Although many of the older generations in Thailand may not know much about Christmas, I think it is getting bigger here, all of my younger students seemed to know exactly who Santa was!

Anyway, here is a little video I made. I hope you like it :)
And Merry Christmas, wherever you are in the world!!

Check out my little video :)

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  1. I love your Christmas outfit! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas :) x x x