Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Favourite Things About Living in Thailand

Hey everyone so today I thought I'd give you five reasons why I love living in Thailand. Don't get me wrong, it's not all positive here, but everywhere has pros and cons and these are the pros I've found in my last four years living here.  It's always nice to have a reminder of why I do love living here on those days when I feel a little homesick too! So let's get started.

Reason one
The sunshine. Now don't get this confused with the heat because sometimes the blazing hot sun (I'm not rubbing it in) gets a little too hot (believe it or not). What I'm talking about is waking up most days to the sun shining, it makes me feel happy and more ready for the day I guess. I definitely do not miss having to get up for work on those cold winter mornings in England (you know the ones when you wake up to it still being dark outside and climbing out of the bed covers is so cold that you rush to put on the warmest clothes you can find). Yeah, I don't miss that.

Reason Two
I feel like I'm much healthier in Thailand. You can buy fruit and vegetables everywhere here, there are hundreds of stalls and it's so inexpensive. I think the temperature forces you to make healthy choices like drinking a lot of water for example. When it's super hot outside what would you reach for a chocolate bar or a slice of melon? Exactly.

Reason Three
Thai people are so friendly, kind and helpful. They really are.
I've lost count of how many times a Thai has helped me out or just given me something for free just because. It's definitely a pro being surrounded by such lovely people.

Reason Four
Being able to go out often. Yep going to a restaurant for dinner or making your way to a nice coffee shop is something you can do here, on a daily basis, because it's not expensive. At all. Instagram lovers eat your heart out! I definitely socialise and get out of the house a lot more. I don't just sit in front of the T.V watching soap after soap (after soap after soap).

Reason Five
Being able to go to places like this for a long weekend and not breaking the bank.
It would only cost me £50 to spend the weekend here on 'Koh Lipe'

Need I say more?

If you have some reasons why YOU love living in Thailand, please leave a comment below :)
Let's keep the positivity about Thailand going :)

Watch the video here:

Lots of love 'n' stuff




  1. I love you blog. I was on my way to Thailand on my Asia trip but had to detour back to the states. I loved Asia so much, and while there I was invited to Malaysia and Thailand. I hope to make my way there, with the intent to eventually settle in S.E. Asia. Your blog really helps me, with the important things I need to know. I would like to plan a little better, and your blog has been great! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments! That's amazing :) I hope you get to come back to S.E Asia soon! If you need more help and advice about Thailand - just let me know :-) - Cola

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments! That's amazing :) I hope you get to come back to S.E Asia soon! If you need more help and advice about Thailand - just let me know :-) - Cola

  3. it sounds lovely there, i would love to visit one day :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  4. lovely post and video ! :)
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    1. Thanks so much, I will check out your blog :)

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