Monday, 30 November 2015

Thailand to Tokyo!

So about two years ago, my best friend who worked as an English Teacher in the south of Japan randomly said,  "Hey, why don't you come to Japan next month, I get a week off and I'm going to Tokyo! Join me!' During that time, it was also going to be the holidays in Thailand. This is possible I thought! I checked flights with Air Asia, £250 return! Wow! The only other time I'd looked at going to Japan was when I was in England and instead I would have been looking at a steep £1000 return. At least. 

It didn't take me long to decide that I wanted to go since I love travelling and seeing new places! Also,  Japan is somewhere me and my best friend had been talking about going since the high school days of playing SSX tricky at the Tokyo Megaplex! (such a cool game). I didn't think we'd actually go together one day! How truly amazing. The only thing that was putting me off is that I would be travelling alone and I'd have to spend my first night in Tokyo alone ( because I'd be arriving late at night). 

 I think I just thought to myself, you can't just live your life in fear and it will be a great learning experience travelling alone, if you do this trip, you can do any trip! You need to do it. And I just reminded myself about how amazing it would be to go to Japan, and with my best friend!

 ....And you know what? It's the best thing I ever did.

Travelling alone was so great for me, it showed me that that I can do things by myself,  and I won't mess it up. It has given me so much confidence to do other things by myself and being alone allowed me the chance to fully experience where I was. I still remember that first night in Tokyo, feeling the cold weather, and believing I was in Studio Ghibli cartoon, it was immense.

Say Yes To New Adventures

That's the great think about living and teaching abroad, there are holidays, and you suddenly realise how close you are to all of these amazing places, places you've never been before, places that are so far from your hometown, but so close to your new home.  Also, there is a fair chance one of your friends you've met teaching abroad now lives there, you might even be able to stay with them and they can show you around, show you the real country and now just the 'touristy' side.

Here are some photographs of my trip!
Let me know in the comments where you have been whilst teaching abroad! :)

Palette town! Geek moment. 
Did anyone else play all of the Pokemon games?

The cute little bus stop outside the Studio Ghibli Museum!

Whilst in Tokyo, play SAGA.

Why don't all beds play music?!

My little travel cat on Tokyo Tower (JiJi).

Tokyo Tower!


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