Sunday, 6 December 2015

My First Christmas in Thailand

So today's post is going back to my first Christmas in Thailand.

Myself and my friend Laura were wondering what to do for Christmas, we were both feeling a little homesick and wanted to do something that would cheer us up. We were thinking about all of the fun things we could do, go for cake, get a massage, find somewhere serving Christmas dinner, but nothing seemed to be quite enough, we wanted to do something really special. After a long thought process and some research we decided we would head to an Orphanage just outside of town on Christmas morning and bring with us a lot of sweets and paper to make snowflakes with the kids :)

And looking back, it's probably one of my most favourite Christmas's to date.
Both myself, my friend and the children had such a wonderful day.

If this is your first Christmas away from home, or even your fifth, and you're struggling for something to do, try giving something back to the community where you live. I feel like it's almost impossible to feel low on Christmas when you're doing something so worthy. Instead of a Christmas missing our friends and family we had a beautiful Christmas surrounded by wonderful children who were so happy that we had arrived, we spent the day making snowflakes, eating sweets and just generally smiling.

Here are some photos of our day!

And we still managed to fit in a Christmas dinner afterwards :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas whatever you get up to this year, being an expat around the time can be very hard, but doing amazing things like this certainly makes it  better.


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  1. What an awesome way to spend your christmas day! We work on the 25th and I actually love it - there are no classes, the kids are all dressed in red and tinsel and they perform a christmas show and then have little parties. They're all so excited and happy, the school has a great atmosphere and it's pretty awesome to share it all with them :)

    It's s thought time of year but I hope you have a great one!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment! I'm glad you have a wonderful day at school, we do something at our school a few days before which is also super fun, they all get excited when Santa comes out and showers them with sweets!! I hope you have a great Christmas too! Are you in Thailand?
    I will go to check your blog now :)


    1. Ooh just realised its your second blog Ruth ^_^

    2. Haha sorry it's an old blog - I must work out how to comment as myself! Anyway I loved the post!

    3. Thank you so much :) just a little one but it really was an amazing Christmas! :)

  3. I love seeing these pictures. Such a great journal of your adventures. I would love for you to share at Such wonderful memories you are making.