Saturday, 24 October 2015

Thailand Has Changed Me.

I know living in Thailand has changed me, I've been living here for four years, it must have! I guess I just wasn't sure how exactly. That is, until recently. My mum came to visit me in Thailand and this highlighted a few ways in which my actions were different. Also, some of the things that she was saying and doing were echos of my own words and actions; of what I would have said and done before.

I realised when my mum was here that I was being very generous, offering to pay, buying things I thought she would like and just generally not being too concerned over who was paying for what. Before I came to Thailand I don't think I would have been as quick as to offer to pay for a meal, a drink or just buy something for someone just because. But now it seems I would and I think it's because I've been shown the same generosity in Thailand. There have been a significant number of times I've been given something for free here, be it food, drink or a helping hand. And I think it's rubbed off on me. I've become kinder.

Another way Thailand has seemed to rub off on me is the fact that they go with the flow a lot more. Before I think I would of gotten a little angry if someone was five minutes late (I probably wouldn't have said anything to their face being oh so English and oh so polite) but now I'm more flexible. I used to be more on a schedule and had everything planned out. Now I'm more relaxed.
What's the big rush anyway?

Finally, I think I'm far less fussy and more adaptable. I find myself thinking 'Mai pen rai' i.e 'no worries' to things that would have bothered me before, such as squatting toilets and broken lamps in hotels. Obviously, I'd still prefer a nice toilet and a working room but I just don't think that stuff bothers me as much as it would before. Now I've learnt to adapt, get on with it and enjoy the rest of my day.

I think overall I've learnt to live in the present moment a lot more.
And let's be honest, what more is there really?

So thank you Thailand :)

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