Monday, 21 March 2016

Asher's 20 Months Update

My baby is turning into a little boy and it's so amazing to see. He's learning so many new words and starting to do things for himself, like slipping his shoes on and wiping the floor when he spills something. His emotions are really starting to show too, he will laugh hysterically at times and throw things around when he doesn't get his way. His moody face is super cute though, I can't help but smile.

So what has changed at 20 months?

Asher has been walking for 10 months now, so he's been on his feet a while and previous to this he was running everywhere, he is very confident on his feet, he used to scream to play in the garden and whenever we'd arrive home he wouldn't want to come inside! Now, finally, at 20 months, he's chilled out a bit, he will walk inside by himself and now he likes to sit and play more. Also, when we're out and about he now loves to hold mummy's hand, as appose to just running off like before. Holding his hand when we're out is one of my absolute favourite things to do. 

With regards to language we're raising Asher to be bilingual as he has an English mummy and a Thai daddy, and he's doing pretty well so far. I've heard the best way to raise a bilingual baby is for mummy to speak in her language to their son/daughter, and daddy to speak in his language. That way he will pick up the correct form of the two languages and will be able to swap between the two and learn both. Hopefully.

At first, he seemed to pick up Thai language a lot quicker, but I've found that since 18 months he's started to develop more on the English side, I think at first Thai was easier for him to pick up because Thai words seem to be easier to say. For example, in Thai 'water' is 'nam' and the word 'milk' is 'nom' and those were words he was using a lot. English is a lot wordier than Thai. He still says some things in Thai which he can't yet say in English, he will 'sai taw' which in English is 'put your shoes on' and 'pak pak' which is 'vegetables' in English. But when I talk to him in English, for example, when I tell him to put his shoes on, he understands. At 20 months he's started to pick up more simple English words, his favourite things to say at the moment are 'moon, star, ball, tree, sun and baby'. He can say some of those things in Thai too. He will also just copy random words we say. His language really is developing a lot at 18 months. He's already getting to grips with saying the phonics alphabet, which amazes me. 

At 20 months he is still breastfeeding in the morning and evenings, and he sometimes stills falls asleep doing that on a night, however, he can also soothe himself to sleep a lot more than before and if I walk with him he will often feel relaxed and when I put him down he will turn over and go to sleep by himself. He still sleeps in our room in a bed close to us. I really love having him nearby and love seeing his face in the morning when he wakes up, which is usually about the time I get up for work, he's my little alarm. He's an amazing sleeper and hardly wakes up in the night, unless he has the sniffles. Booo!

At the moment, one of the things we are struggling with is trying to get him to eat more. It's hard to tell if he's eating enough sometimes, he's a healthy weight but sometimes it doesn't look like he's eating a lot. We try to give him a variety of food but he seems to love just eating plain rice with vegetables, fish, he LOVES fish. He also loves pasta and toast too and he loves eating pieces of cucumber, apple and mango. Now I've written this all down I feel like maybe he is eating better than I thought, but sometimes it doesn't feel a lot maybe because he tries to eat by himself a lot, his spoon control is getting much better but a lot still goes on the floor! Oh he doesn’t like food that has an odd texture and he LOVES fruit juice too and fruit shakes (they’re popular in Thailand!), he will finish a cup in two seconds flat and then want more. 

His current favourite things are:

The Moon, Stars and Trees.
Playing Football.
Climbing everything.
Standing on things.
Pouring milk on the floor.
Cleaning the milk up.
Helping mummy with food.
Putting lids on things.
Putting things away.
Scribbling with his crayons.
Playing with water.
Being cheeky.
The Phonics Alphabet
Holding mummy's hand.

He gets so excited when he sees an aeroplane, which he currently calls 'bin' which means fly in Thai! I just love him so much and he really is the best thing to ever happen to me. Although it's not all sunshine and rainbows, it is hard work and I feel like I'm constantly cleaning up after him, but it's all worth, he brings us so much joy and he is a good boy really :) <3

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